Life is Living via Glide Memorial Choir // Songs of Life

Photo curated by Ariel Luis {more} & Rolando “Grow” Brown {more}

Words by¬†Christopher “C+” Mueller {more} & Rolando “Grow” Brown {more}

Tweet by Marc Bamuthi Joseph

@glidesf + Edible Garden Demos = environmental action. #lifeisliving

The best music you can hear on a Sunday is one that welcomes “all life and ecological systems on Earth into the radically inclusive, cialis just and loving community” for which Glide Memorial Church serves and sings. It gets no greater than the celebratory songs of Glide Memorial Choir.

Spirituality, social justice and ecological stewardship combine in sonic form to inspire education, organizing and direct action. Watch as Angela Yates leads a rendition of “Move Mountain,” celebrating the glory of life, love and God.

Come see the Glide Memorial Choir perform live for free at the LIFE is LIVING event this Sunday, October 3rd in Defremery Park, 1651 Adeline Street in Oakland, CA.

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